Sunday Afternoon Quarterbacking

I probably should have done this first but this is better late than never:

I love to write.  I write about love, life, Christ, sex, relationships, lust, bad choices, good choices, reality shows and anything else that may cross my frontal lobe.   I consider myself to be an open book who is honest about who she is.  God gave me a couple of gifts and no matter what I write, you should always see the God in it.  With that said,  my entries will be raw and unfiltered; they may even seem schizophrenic at times.  I will warn you: Christ and sex will be in the same entry at one time or another.  I may talk about the love of Christ in one post and the very next post about Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  I may offend you.  I may inspire you.  I may make you want to puke.  But trust when I say it will all be sincere.



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