You love Mimosas, Scandal and Jesus?

Let’s me start off by answering the above question:  The answer is Yes.

Why do I like  Mimosas?   I like it because I love the fusion of the champagne and juice.

Why do I like Scandal?  I like Scandal because it is hands down the best show on TV.

Your walk is not about what you do but who you are.  There is a difference.   When examining things that you may have to discard because of your walk with God, you have to go to what your truest intentions are and whether that noun makes it hard to obey God’s instructions.

Let’s take the Mimosa for example.  Unless you are playing the stupid game, you know that Mimosas are alcoholic.  If you are a lover of Mimosas or any type of spirited beverage be honest as to why you partake.  Do you like the taste or is it a coping mechanism? Is it for enjoyment or are you trying to escape through alcohol?  Contingent on your answer, you may have to let it go for the sake of your walk.   If it ever becomes an issue that I  reach for  Mimosa before I pray, then I will have to do the same also.

Let’s also put Scandal through the ringer.  Does watching Scandal ( or a similar show)  gives you an idea to become a sideline chick or kill someone?  If it does, you may have to put it down.

I used these examples because I witness so many people using acts as a guidepost to categorize someone on their walk.   STOP THAT.  Instead of sizing up the acts, try getting to know them.  You never know where someone is in their life.  You don’t know the progress they are making and their commitment.    The sincerity of their walk will speak for itself, and everything that is not suppose to be there will go away in time.  Sizing someone up on what they do doesn’t help them or the Kingdom.

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