Live Like you Died Before

Unless you are living under a rock, you have most likely heard that Chris Kelly from the nineties rap duo Kris Kross was found dead.  This here is actually painful because I LOVED Kris Kross.  They were a big part of my childhood and I still remember the words to their biggest jams, Warm it Up Chris and Jump.    Warm it up is especially dear to me.  In 1992, I was involved in a domestic incident with a relative that put me in the ICU at Children’s Hospital in my hometown.    My sister was scared until the Warm it Up video came on and I started to do the dance moves in the hospital bed.   She knew then I would be okay.

When people that you know or feel close to pass away,  it reminds us of our mortality.  You never know when your last day is.  No matter what you are going through or how hard life may be, each day you wake up is a day that your situation can change.   You have to make the most out of what you have.   If your current situation is bad, you must find some way to hold on until better days come.  It can’t rain forever.

I have been doing nineties shout outs all night long.  Looking back on it, those years were pretty good.  My sister didn’t have everything to give me material wise, but going over my friend Frankie’s house and having sleep overs and dressing like TLC were good times.

Another one gone on to the forever moe.  The child in me will miss you, Chris Kelly.

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