Hidden in Plain Sight: The Breakthrough and You

Tonight three women who have been missing were found in Cleveland.  Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Georgina DeJesus were abducted at 17, 14 and 20 years old in 2003.  Because of one man they went from ten years of captivity to freedom.   Charles Ramsey saw one of the women and subsequently released them. After ten years, the were free.

This story struck a spiritual cord in me, for it seems to parallel with many of our lives.   Sometimes it seems like you may be in an emotional, financial or developmental prison.  No matter what you do, you seem trapped; with no way out in sight.  Faithlessness is on the horizon and despair engulfs your spirit.  Yet, Suddenly that one vessel comes and God uses them to free you from your hell.

This story reminded me of how God can suddenly free us from years of torment and how God uses us as the vessels in which  we can bless others.

God is a God of order.  It was not a coincidence that Charles Ramsey was in the right place at the right time.  God used him to do his work.   What if Charles didn’t follow his first mind and walked right by that house without paying attention to Amanda in the window?  We will never know because he listened to the Holy Spirit and followed His directions.

Let this be a lesson to you to follow what where the Spirit leads you.  You may just be that catalyst between life and death for someone.

Be Blessed. 🙂

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