Christians and Sex

It is Sunday so I may blog twenty thousand times today.  I have much on my mind.

Balancing the sincerity of the Christian faith and the controlling the desire to have sex outside of marriage is by far the HARDEST part of the walk for me.   I have not succeeded yet in this area.  I have made some progress, but I am still in struggle mode.    I greatly curbed watching porn ( I have watched it once in approximately four months). I haven’t had sex in almost a year.  I really can’t count this as a victory because the person I would have sex with doesn’t live near me.  Hey…I am just being honest.   Although I have had that small victory with porn,  I have found other ways to engage in my lust outside of physical sex.

Sometimes I let it weigh on me because I feel like I am not doing enough to practice self control in this area.    I often think about how am I representing Christ when every time I turn over this area to him I snatch it right back because I am horny.

If you are in the same boat, my advice is to just keep walking and being committed to the process.  As long as you are committed to the process, things that need to fall away will in due time.  The  way we separate ourselves from God is getting caught up in what we are not doing.   Romans 8:39 says clearly that nothing separates us from the love of Christ.   We can become separated because we allow  what we do to consume us with guilt and then we believe the lie that we aren’t not worthy of Christ’s love.   Furthermore, we began to believe that we are not real Christians because are wrongs outweigh what we proclaim.  Not true.  Being honest with other people allows God to deliver to you people that you can become accountable to.

Now this does not mean that you use your weaknesses to excuse the behavior.   It just means that you don’t allow yourself to become separated based on you continually to fall.  If you become separated you can’t continue to be committed to your walk.

No matter what your weak area is, keep your communication lines open with God.  Do not pay attention to the people that wear the Christian costume and speaking Christianese but they are not transparent with your enough to help you along your journey.   Just keep moving.

Be Blessed. 🙂

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