In life we have hopes and dreams.  Some dreams come to pass quickly, some it seems you have to wait a lifetime for.  There is a difference between waiting patiently and waiting, and it may change from time to time. 

I too have this one thing that I hope for.  To me, it is the ultimate.   One day I will go into detail on what that one thing is…but for right now I want to just talk about this whole waiting phenomenon. 

Regarding patiently waiting…that is not me.  Not now anyway.  To be honest,  I am over this waiting thing.  I just want to exert this pinned up frustration with random screams.  This blog is my proverbial scream. 

I am content with where I am in my life.  Even being content,  I still have moments where I feel down because that one ultimate ship has not sailed to my shore.   Periodically those negative feelings win out over my positive attitude.  

It is nothing wrong with feeling down about something that has not come to fruition.  The trick is to place a time limit on that feeling and now live in it.   Tomorrow is another and better day for you and for me.  🙂 

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