Purposeful Dating Part Teaux

I am watching Braxton Family Values and the scene with Mama Evelyn on the date with Darryl brought me back to this subject because Darryl said something that perked my ears up.  Darryl said that he meets women that after two dates want to put a tux on him.

That struck me because  it seems  that people view dating with a purpose this way.  The stereotype surrounding dating with a purpose is that people who do so are on some rat race to the altar.  NOT.AT.ALL.

Dating with a purpose does NOT include asking someone are they ready to get married upon meeting them.  What it does include is listening to what they say and studying  them.  If you pay attention, those questions don’t have to be asked.  You can tell from their conversation where their head is.   Dating with purpose gives let’s you sift the garbage so you aren’t wasting time.  Life it too short to do that!

Most importantly, dating with a purpose keeps your standards in tact.  It is absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what you want.   People don’t typically express what they want because they are bound to other people’s opinion.   Who cares what people think!  To be honest, if someone is low key judging you because of you don’t casually date they are probably going along just to get along in their own relationships and can’t stand for what they REALLY want.   Let that be their problem, not yours.

The moral to the story is this:  Stay sucker free by dating with a purpose.  Keep your eyes wide open and your heart guarded.  There is no need to go through a revolving door of emotional pain when you don’t have to.

The end.

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