Clear Instructions

You all know I don’t like long blogs, so I am going to get straight to it.

For years I wondered how do you know you are hearing from God versus you talking to yourself or it being your imagination at work?

First things first:  If you don’t spend time with God it is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY YOU WILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE.   If you spend time with God, this is how you will know:

1. It will line up with the Word.   When you think you are hearing from God, ask him to confirm it through his Word.

2.  God will send people to give a word to confirm what he told you.

3.  The voice you hear will be of someone that you trust, including your own.

4.  This is a personal one for me so it may not apply to everyone:  You will begin to see that which was spoken in the natural.  For example,  when I interviewed for my current job, all of a sudden the name of the city where I relocated to began to turn up everywhere:  in tv shows, conversations with people who were not even connected with that city, etc.

Do not box in how God communicates.   It is different for different people.  The only sure fire way to know if it is God is to spend time with him so you can discern something He would say versus something you are cooking up in your brain on your own.

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