A Quick Explanation

I told you guys when I began this blog, at times my entries may seem somewhat schizophrenic.   As you have may notices,  the last couple of entries have actually been love letters to myself.  Let me explain why that is:

As a Christian,  my life (although this sounds super cliche) is far from perfect.  I have days that I am frustrated, fed up, tired and over it.   I have days where my trust in God wanes, although his track record in my life is obvious and unblemished.  As I am displaying my walk,  I want it to be honest.  Christians are very good at putting on that “I am blessed and highly favored but almost suicidal” costume on.   No ma’am.  No sir.  I refuse.  I want to show that even in struggle,  I choose God, and some days,  that choice is harder that others.   In order to open people up and really expose them to the Kingdom of the Almighty God,  you have to show all aspects of your walk.  That makes it genuine to the person who wants to know more about Christ.  They get to see first hand how Christ guides me through every mountain and valley.   I don’t believe on putting on airs. What you see is what you get and what you get is a genuine person serving a genuine God through it all.

Going back to my love letters:   Those letters are encouragement for me.  I often go back and read them and they put me in remembrance that no matter how I feel, God is loves me.   In my letters, I acknowledge my feelings so I can deal with them in the proper manner.   The God reminders help me to deal with what ever I feel and keep it moving towards purpose.   Additionally (and as stated earlier)  you get to see my true walk and not just the pretty parts.

I want to challenge you to began writing letters to yourself and reminding You of who God says you are and his love for you, especially during trying times;  especially during what seems like never ending seasons of struggle.  You can’t reach your purpose and the promise land if you stop moving.   Keep moving in self encouragement.

I hope this make sense.  Moreover, I hope this helps you.   Now when you see a random letter, you  know there is a method to the madness.

Be blessed.

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