No Buck Jumping Allowed: A Love Letter to Self

Dear LJ: 

You took a nap before you went to the gym and you woke up with a random song in your spirit.  The lyrics were  “Don’t buckjump for anyone’s friendship”.   As you know, this didn’t just come into your spirit randomly!  This to reminder to let it go and let things take their course.  

LJ:  You got your mess to you.   Although you have some scratches in your armor,  honey you are a loving, kind, caring individual who is nurturing and compassionate!  And although you don’t do it much, you can cook like nobody’s business!!!  You, my dear are the full package so you don’t have to dance, prance or market for friendship or love.   Ms. LJ,  love is already here and it is about to manifest.   Just hold on.  

You are back in the gym!!! Now keep it up so you can get off that excess weight.   

I love you.  God loves you more.  

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