Walking as If You Already Are

I am single and in my 30s. I desire to be married. I feel in my spirit that I am some man’s wife. I really believe that. Although I believe that I am some man’s future wife, it doesn’t absolve me from feeling the sting of past rejection, loneliness and just longing for that love to finally manifest. Even when I am caught in my feelings, I refuse NOT to believe God that I am promised to the one man he has designed for me and I for him. No matter how much heartache I have experienced, I refuse to allow my heartache rob me of my future.

That preamble leads me to the meat of this conversation: Living my life as a wife. It sounds crazy to some, but for me it is walking in truth. Everything I have been through is preparing me for the marriage phase of my life. Preparation includes spending time with God to learn his view on marriage, talking and listening to SUCCESSFUL married couples about the reality of marriage, clearing out sexual clutter and consequently breaking soul ties (read my celibacy blog…that part is HARD but that is another post) working for God and building myself to be the best possible LJ. You won’t get rid of all of your issues, but you have to get to a point that you accept and like YOU before you invite someone into your heart. And in all honesty, I do fun stuff like look at engagement rings and photography.

You have to be prepared to be a wife. It just doesn’t fall out of the sky…well God’s best just doesn’t fall out of the sky. You have to first and foremost in your preparation seek God first. If you did not get that sentiment from the previous paragraph, I want to make that clear. You can’t receive something that is God ordained if you don’t embrace and receive the creator of that entity. I also want to emphasize that preparation is also sometimes painful. When you are walking into your destiny as a wife, you will sacrifice some things, like random/casual purposeless dating. Your spirit is being transformed so some men just may be repelled by your very spirit. Remember: you are being prepared for THE ONE and not for a panel or tribunal. Look at it like this: When you pass a Louis Vuitton store, those bags sit on the shelf for long periods of time because they are a quality in which not everyone can just walk in and buy. As such, those bags may not be purchased for months. Just like a Louis Vuitton bag, everyone cannot of afford your quality. You, like Louis Vuitton represent a standard of class and grace; they are not for everyone. Like you, a Louis Vuitton bag is NEVER on sale. You have to purchase at full price or you can’t have one. Dear, You are not cheap and you will never go on sale. The ONE will see your worth and pay the FULL PRICE for you. So don’t feel upset when you feel like you are being passed by. They just can’t afford you.

Sorry for the rant. I had to get that analogy out of my spirit.

If you are believe God for a husband, get prepared now. Walk in faith and destiny.

Be Blessed.


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