Worried about the Wrong Thing

Afternoon folks! I have a question:

Do you ever find yourself thinking about negative hypotheticals such as what if your family or friends aren’t as supportive of your endeavors or something crazy bad is going to happen?

I go through this often. When I have these thoughts I often think about how I would respond in that situation. To be honest, although I admit to engaging in such thought patterns, it is admittedly weird. When I step outside of those thoughts, the million dollar questions are 1.) Why are you pondering that and 2.) Why are you pondering a response to a negative situation that hasn’t even presented itself? When I think about the answer, I have no answer.

And this leads me to my point: such behaviors are damaging to your mind and spirit. If you live in that type of train of thought it will keep you in a cycle of suspicion of others. The suspicion will derail your focus because your vision will be on negativity versus on your purpose. Moreover, you are wasting time! As a person that is on the move and partnering with God to achieve the best life possible, It is imperative that you keep your mind on things that keep you moving forward. God will expose and reveal any thing or anyone that is not suppose to be in your life. There is no need for mental preparation regarding dealing with a situation that has not manifested itself. Rest your mind and continue to move and grow!

Be Blessed.

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