Hey everyone:

I am watching the funeral of Reverend Senator Clementa Pinckney.   I am pretty sure that you know what took place at Mother Emmanuel Church in Charleston, South Carolina so  I won’t regurgitate it.

However,  will say this–this funeral is just as sad as it is joyous.    The sadness originates from the sheer reminder of how far we still need to travel to obtain true racial harmony in the United States.  On a joyous note,  it makes me PROUD to be a descendant of slaves that picked cotton in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Tennessee.

African Americans are a resilient people.  We can celebrate in the most heinous of times.  This funeral is a celebration of  Reverend Senator Pinckney’s life.   This funeral reflects how God protected by gracing them with the gift of resilience.  This gift has kept African people through the middle passage and has kept the descendants of those people up until now.    I am proud of all of the black excellence exhibited today.  I am proud of MY people.

Thank you, Charleston Nine.  Thank you for being a sacrificial lamb for your people. Thank you for inviting evil in so he could see light.  Thank you to the people of Charleston and the African Methodist Episcopal Church for exuding Black Excellence.  I stand with you.

SIDENOTE:  if you do not know the history of the African Methodist Episcopal church,  you should look it up.

Be blessed.  🙂

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