The Last Piece of the Puzzle


It’s been a minute.   And for a very good reason.  I have been in a sort of a spiritual muzzle until now…..

Did i speak to you about the last piece of the puzzle?  Well that piece is in place…..

I am writing this blog from my room in my own apartment.  In front of my own bed and flat screen TV.

Look….I won’t keep you long.  But when I say God is a God of RESTORATION!!!!!!

After almost two years of living with a friend and her children,   I moved back into my own place.  I can’t tell you how many tears of joy as been shed.  Not only did I move in to my place,  God blessed me to be able to buy things I needed upfront and with cash.    I cannot get over how GOOD and AWESOME my father is!!!  I am still not perfect.  I still struggle.  But the Lord will supply all of your needs in spite of who you are!   The key is being sincere with your praise!   There are so many people that are churched up on dogma and stuck as a result.   Let that go so your praise can be sincere.

And guess what???? This isn’t the end!!!!  More things are going to come to pass.  He has shown me and I believe Him.

In the coming months,  I will lay out the  13 lessons I learned over the last year and a half ( now almost two years).

Let this be a testament to you: GOD CAN DO ANYTHING.  i will lay out details soon ( My law practice is super busy and I have to work…which is also part of the testimony that I will get into).


Be Blessed.


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