Lesson 2: Don’t Take it Personal

The lessons aren’t necessarily in order of importance.   However,  this lesson probably is one of the most important lessons I learned over the last almost two years.

As we go through our ups and downs, we need a listening ear.   That is normal.  However,  when you vent always remember two things:  1.  The person that you vent to will assess your situation based on their experience and thought process.   Hence,  if they don’t empathize with your experience,  the assessment will be skewed and 2. The advice given will, in turn also be skewed.    Therefore,  you cannot take whatever response you receive as a result of you opening up personal.

This also relates to Lesson 1 ( check out the blog if you need to know what I am referring to).   Taking comments,  views and perceptions personal will do NOTHING but slow you down.   Internalizing  other people’s views that you opened yourself to  will eventually clutter your mind and your spirit.   I remember someone asked me at lunch ” Now how can we help you get your life together?”.    Man…..did I like that question?  NO.  However,  I didn’t internalize it.  I simply explained that I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Now If I would have taken that question personal,  I would have A. been pissed for an extended amount of time, and B.  It would have just bred negativity in my spirit.

My homeboy said something poignant to me yesterday.  He told me that he instantly forgives people because “He has no time to hold hate in his heart”.   Although the discussion was about forgiveness,  it also applies to taking things personal.  Taking things personal is a precursor for unforgiveness.  You can secretly hold grudges against people just based on a comment through the crack that taking things personal creates.   That grudge leads to lingering anger and unforgiveness.

Learning not to take things personal brings an indescribable FREEDOM.  You don’t let people live rent free in your head or your spirit.    You are free to keep moving and pursuing your destiny rather worrying about and being pissed off about something said to you.

Moral to the story:  Don’t take anything personal.  It is easier said than done,  but that freedom that comes with it is priceless.

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