Lesson 3: Let God do the Talking for You

Hey Folks!

I just finished a hearing and had a little down time.  Here’s lesson 3–

It is not always necessary to share what God has given you.   Humans are very fragile with very limited vision when it comes to the things of God.   If you share too much of where God is taking you,  humans will analyze how viable your vision is by your current circumstance—and the analysis is often negative.  In turn,  the negativity will open the door of doubt and confusion, and will literally throw you off course.      For example,  if God has destined you to be a wealthy but you lost your job and in the process of filing bankruptcy,  a human will discredit God’s vision for your life because they cannot see past your circumstance.   The person  you shared with may make a direct negative comment, or even better exude negative body language.   You discern this then all of a sudden you are questioning what your heard/saw from God.  Now the victory train has slowed down because you opened the doubt door.   I have been shown some things regarding my life that I have not shared with ANYONE for the above stated reason.   God will pull back the curtain when it is time.

Our arduous,  often traumatic road to victory is what God wants to use in order to speak to a skeptic.    When we speak out of turn,  we disrupt God’s trajectory to use us in order to reach some one.     Let people watch you. Study you.  When you come out on top,  you won’t have to say anything because they can put the pieces together for themselves.  God will shine through your obedience, patience and hard work.

Therefore,  carefully screen who you tell what God has shown you.   Let’s God be your spokesperson when you reach victory.


That’s all.   Be blessed.

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