Journey to Exploring an Alternate Fairytale: Options

Oh How I have missed you guys!!!!!!

Just a little housekeeping–this blog is part of the Journey to Exploring an Alternate Fairytale, but I didn’t want to put a Roman numeral in the title because it’s somewhat of an outlier. However, it is important to talk about it for balance sake.

So..I had a conversation with my safe space (check out the blog I wrote about safe spaces for context) about three weeks ago as I boarded a plane back home from a business trip. We were having a conversation we had before about my lack of dating and suitors. My safe space stated how unusual it was for a woman to lack options.

I teared up. I was triggered.

It bothered me when my safe space said that. Although I was bothered, it showed me that I had more work to do. The fact that the statement about it being unusual showed me I have more work to do. Something in me still feels that I am unusual…that there is something wrong with me.

It was a hard, but necessary conversation. It shows me where I am, and the work I still need to do. I am confident in myself if I have that conversation again, it won’t bother me because I will conquer that piece of myself that agrees with that sentiment. I can acknowledge that it may be unusual, but it doesn’t have a bearing on who I am and my worth.

I am a work in progress. But I am progressing.

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