The Curious Case of Wendy Williams

Unless you have been under a rock, I am pretty sure you have heard about Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter and his alleged mistress and baby girl.

I am not going to rehash the details. Just Google those names if you don’t know but are curious about the back drop of the story.

Wendy Williams stated that she will never leave her husband. Even with a mistress and side baby. Wendy is not alone. Most women would not leave. Put a pin in this point, because I am going to come back to this.

From my experience, relationships is an area in which people are the most dishonest. No one is going to tell you their real feelings when it comes to their partner. They may come to you and vent about something that they don’t like, but they will never give you full details. I personally have a policy that I don’t want to hear about someone’s relationship unless you have your bags packed and you are ready to leave and you need a ride.

Going back to the above comment about leaving a relationship: I think it is immature to say what one will do when you are not in that position to make such a choice. I learned over the years to not make such emphatic statements such as “If my man cheats on me one time I am leaving!” I would like to think I would handle it that way, but when you have emotional and financial labor invested in a relationship, you honestly don’t know what I will consider if so am ever in that situation. It is easy to say what you will do when you are on the outside of the window looking in.

Women give everything they have in a relationship. It is very difficult to away from all the hard work put in to make a marriage work. Wendy has twenty five years invested in her husband. They have a child, financial investments, businesses, etc. Most women will not up and leave when you have that type of time invested. Think about it this way: if you have a bank account with all of your life savings, but that bank account was frozen and it will take years to get a release on your funds, would you just say the hell with the account I will just give that money up and start over? No.

There is a lot of judgment floating the internet about what Wendy should do. I don’t blame Wendy for paying the critics dust. Wendy is only operating in a manner an average woman would. Someone walking away from a cheating husband is a lot less common than what is portrayed. The reason why the “I am leaving narrative” floats to the surface is because people tell you what they want you to hear, not what they really intend to do. Plus it is a buffer for the judgment that is conveyed upon women who choose to stay.

Wendy Williams is not a stupid woman, she is just typical. No one is going to walk away from their investment. Kevin is Wendy’s investment, and she is not going down without a fight.

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