Alternate Fairytale Series: Passing the Baton

Happy Sunday.

It is late so I will keep it short.

I started this blog so some woman (or man) could read it and know that if they are in a similar space as I am, they are not alone. I want people who are on a similar life path to feel as if their feelings are valid. There is so much shame imputed upon single women, especially in their late thirties.

It is my mission to evolve into a person that breaks away from social conditioning and refuse to be what society expects of me: sad and downtrodden just because I “don’t have a man”.

It is also my mission to make sure my blog is balanced so that someone can see that the human experience still plays a part in the happiness journey. As stated before, I still get negative feelings behind being single. The difference is that they don’t linger. I don’t allow them to. I refuse to get caught in that negative human experience.

It is not enough for me to grow and evolve only to be selfish. Just because I learned the lesson, I refuse to burn the school house down. Instead, I want to keep the proverbial school house open. If it helps someone, I have done my job.

If I do get married, I want someone who is on this journey of being happy regardless of relationship status to keep the party going. If they learned from my experience, I want them to show others so another person can learn from their experience. Pass the baton.

One by one we can rewrite the narrative on what it means to be a single woman. Society doesn’t have to define who we are if we don’t allow it.

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