Change the Narrative

I have been blessed to walk this terrain. I get the opportunity to encourage women (and men) to change their life narrative; to break curses over their lives placed upon them by negative social conditioning. There is freedom is being able to balance and navigate life without the shackles of feeling less than enough because you may not be in a relationship or even actively date. I hope that by looking through my lense, you see that you don’t have to feel like a social failure. You don’t have to exaggerate your dating life. You don’t have to overcompensate in other areas of your life just because you feel deficient in your dating life.


Feelings are often at odds with what is true. The key is to discover what is YOUR TRUTH. Not what you have been conditioned to think is supposed to be your truth, but YOUR ACTUAL TRUTH.

Do you know what your actual truth is? If you don’t, you have the perfect opportunity to cut out the noise and get into yourself and find out. Once you solidify your truth, fortify your foundation of who you are and STAND TALL.

Discovering and standing tall in your truth will help you disrobe the societal lies you have been dressed in. You will realize that the “something is wrong with you because you are single” outfit NEVER fit. You can take off that costume and put on your custom fitted clothing designed just for you. Beauty, grace, kindness are in the seams of your clothes.

Wear your truth well.

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