The Financial Exploitation of Miserable Singles

Have you noticed the rise in relationship and dating coaching courses via social media? I have and……yeah. If you are interested in how I REALLY feel-keep reading.

I have often expressed my disdain regarding the stereotype that single people are miserable. It is believed that you cannot possibly be happy without a partner. This is the thing with stereotypes: they exist for a reason. Stereotypes carry the truth of a few but they are applied to an entire group. As such, there are some singles that are miserable without a partner and their misery is imputed upon all singles regardless if we are content.

Apparently, there is a big enough population of miserable single people to which an abundance of both secular and Christian “How to Get a Man/Woman” courses exist. Whether it is a course on how to date, how to court (Christian version of data collection prior to marriage) or even how to present yourself worthy enough for love -they all are designed to gear singles toward the the ultimate level of happiness. These courses often cost hundreds of dollars in exchange for all the cheat codes and formulas for landing that relationship; to earning that coveted wife or husband crown.

These courses exploit singles. Some single people are so blinded by their pursuit of love that they give their money away to just so they can feel like they are getting a leg up on the love game. As a result both the secular and Christian hustlers are making money hand over fist with no guarantees that these courses will yield favorable results. There is no guarantee on such investment other than the profit the person that is selling course will make from the single person’s desperation to be partnered.

Let me save you $500.00: There is no formula or cheat code to finding love so stop wasting your money. Pursue happiness-take that money and place it activities that grow you as a person without the ulterior motive of finding a mate. Find purpose in your life and watch love find you.

Stay woke and keep your money in your pocket.

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