The Power of Rebellion

This is a different post. I want to deviate and offer perspective to what we are witnessing as a nation.

Like everyone else, I am watching the news coverage of the protests happening all over the United States. Some of the protests are peaceful; others are violent. Whether it is peaceful or violent, it is all necessary.

The rebellion we are witnessing was inevitable. It is only so much that people can take before they explode. It is only so much of a beating one can take before they fight back. George Floyd’s murder was the apex of a long simmering volcano that was was due to erupt. George Floyd’s murder is the straw that broke the camel’s back. What we are witnessing was decades in the making.

Rebellion shows is that there is power in numbers. There are more of us that the ones who we deem have the power. Change is possible if we utilize the power we have together. They cannot kill us all.

We can utilize the same power that we utilize in rebellion in other forms, including voting. Many people feel like voting is fruitless. It only seems that way because we don’t band together in large numbers. Just like the rebellion has caught the attention of state and local governments with the blaze of fire, the same can be done at the polls.

Do you know how law enforcement officers get their jobs? They are hired through the police chief. You know how the police chief gets their job? They are appointed by the mayor. You know how the mayor gets their job? THE PEOPLE VOTE FOR THE MAYOR. We can use voting to make true change. Often times people feel as though voting doesn’t work because they don’t know how their vote connects to their every day lives. Is voting fool proof? Hell no. But you can’t just NOT vote and expect shit to change. You have to use the tools in your tool box to build the difference what your want to see.

I personally want to see this same energy come November. We can burn down the house that Trump built if we show up with the same power and energy that we have have right now in the streets of Minneapolis, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles and DC. Just like they cannot kill us all in the streets, they cannot manipulate all the votes come November if we outnumber the ones directing the manipulation.

The revolution will manifest by rebelling against the current structure through exercising the right to vote. Abandon that “voting doesn’t work” bullshit and bust the statistics wide open with unprecedented voter turnout out. Let’s use the game they put in place to change the rules.

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